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In the year 1966, Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited (GSFC) has established Fertilizernagar School with the objective of providing the facilities of good education for the children of employees of GSFC and students from surrounding villages. Till 1994 F N School was totally financed by GSFC. From 1994 F N School has become Government Grant aided School and accepts grant from aided Education Department of Government of Gujarat. Since Government Grant-in-aid being insufficient, GSFC is bearing subsidy of about 30 to 40% as a part of employees’ welfare activity and moral social responsibility. However Board of Management Fertilizernagar School (BMFNS) has put efforts to decrease subsidy amount, without affecting quality of Education.

As a part of modernization and to keep pace with the time, Computer education started since 1995. Internet facility was introduced in the year 2004. F N School is considered as lead school due to introduction of Audio visual system for better understanding of education to the students.

Vision / Missions

If a school is meant to be a training ground for children as future members of society, Fertilizernagar School could easily included in the top list among the educational institutes with this purpose. In a building of attractive design and specious class rooms, well ventilated and providing ample light.


Well trained teachers undertake the responsibility both of imparting the information prescribed in the curriculum to the children as well as organizing extracurricular activities.


In FN School, Children from different places including villages with diverse backgrounds come together and stay under the same roof, so that they are sharing their experiences & growing up under the guidance of some of the finest teachers.

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Upon the education of the people of this country, the fate of this country depends.
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