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Spiritual Training By Mr. Ajit Telang

Our Fertilizernagar School organised a program for the Spiritual Outlook for Management Enterprises (SOME). on january 11, 2021 with great fervour and devotion. All the teachers, staff and Management Committee Board of Management were cordially invited to attend this program. The school campus was beautifully decorated with traditionally.The program was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Shri S P Bhatt,  BMFNS Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and All Members of BMFNS. Teachers staff stage decorated traditionally. The fragrance of flowers, the aroma of the burning camphor in lamps and the bright paper designs fluttering under the blue skies filled the school environment with peace and positivity.

Core principles this program SMSC (Spiritual development, Moral development, Social development, Cultural development)

Synergesic's research team has been working on the subject of New Generation and the challenges posed and have come out with a powerful program called Empowerment for Parenting Initiative and Challenges (EPIC) which has become extremely popular in the Parents as well as Teachers. The derivatives of this program like Millennial Managers for corporate world and Teachers' Training program for educationists all over the world have been well received by the audience. Basically these programs create awareness about the real problem posing a great challenge for the future world. This work of Synergesic team has been acclaimed by the Government of Gujarat.